Families of children with special needs often bear the responsibility of being caretakers, parents, doctors, nurses and many more roles so they can see their little ones be loved and cared for no matter what. Often times these responsibilities come with financial burdens, lack of sleep, times of frustration and the passing judgement from people that just don't understand. Lenses for Love was created after a photographer refused service to a family of a child with special needs. We believe that all children and families are beautiful and we want to share that joy and belief with families around the nation. 


With a quickly growing network of photographers around the world, we'd love to connect you with a local photographer that can support your family. Please take a moment to fill out the family application to start the process for scheduling a session. While we would love to support all families, we are currently only accepting families of children with special needs.


With so many talented photographers around the world, we'd love to connect with you and gain your support in this movement to change the way our world defines beauty. If you are a photographer who is interested in participating and supporting the Lenses for Love movement, please fill out the following application to be considered.