Founder/Photographer: Stephanie Smith

After the nation rallied to support her sister in a time of need, Stephanie knew she needed to do something to give back to the community. 

Not long after Stephanie started her photography business, she read a blog about a family who booked another photographer and a few days before the shoot, the family told the photographer their child had down syndrome and might require a bit more patience. The photographer denied the shoot stating it was not his ideal client. Shortly after, Stephanie put out on Facebook that she was willing to donate sessions to families of children with special needs.

Based out of Annapolis, Maryland, Stephanie is raising a three year old and believes it is very important that he looks, loves and sees everyone equally for what is on the inside, not what he sees from the outside.

Be kind, smile on.

Business Manager: Shannon Ensor

As a mom to two children, and as a photographer, Shannon understands the importance of preserving priceless moments through photographs. In her professional work, as well as in her personal life, Shannon advocates for equal access to services and supports for individuals with special needs, particularly young children in educational institutions. Shannon supports Lenses of Love, in a business role, as it continues to serve families of children with special needs around the world.